For 30 years, I’ve helped my global clients sell their vision and their story to the media, industry analysts, thought leaders, and throughout the blogosphere.

I’ve been fortunate to work with teams who developed the standards that enabled the transmission of data through wireless networks, the development of computer networking, one of the first Internet cafes in the world, the rise of computer security, the commercialization of VoIP, the creation of the WiFi standard, the deployment of IPTV, a new wired home network standard known as, the world’s first Windows-based true multi-touch tablet PC, and many other transformational technologies that are now considered mainstream.

In addition to applying very traditional PR methods and having or knowing how to cultivate the right type of media contacts, I’m helping my clients become successful content producers and curators in their own right via the Social Internet.

Today, many startups and emerging companies can do much of their own PR-related activities.  This is especially true for startups, where the realities of budget comes into play.

Get Lucky

Getting lucky, means being better prepared, having methods and processes in place to will help you build the foundation for being discovered, having your content shared, and getting media, analyst and blogger coverage.

Scope. Resources. Budget.

Depending on scope, resources and budget, I work with clients on critical elements of their PR, Social and Content  initiatives including:

  • Communications Strategy / Messaging
  • Public Relations / Stakeholder Strategies
  • Social Media Strategies
  • Content Creation Strategies
  • Press Kit / Press Release Writing / Distribution
  • Media Relations
  • Blogger / Thought Leader Relations
  • Industry Analyst Relations
  • Conference and Events Speaking

A Global Team

My global team of strategists, writers, photographers, former journalists, videographers and producers are the best in class, with big agency and major network / media experience.

Most of the work I do are based on six month to year long retained engagements.  I do some project work and can also act as part coach / part communications strategist to a start-up with a limited budget.

I’ve also worked with VC firms in Israel who’ve recommended me to their portfolio clients, realizing the value of external validation from media and industry analysts.

Discover.  Strategize.  Execute.

I’m a big believer in discovery.

Often times, my initial engagement with a client will be to go through a discovery process so we can best determine the optimum strategies that will increase our chances of success.

I’ve worked with multiple companies from start-up to IPO or being acquired.

An exit is generally part of a longer term communications plan.

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